Education And Healthy As Focus Create World Without Poverty

Poverty as indication in the society, be familiar since humman occupy the Eart. Poverty is a difficult problem in indonesia, up to now strive for finished. Not only in indonesia, but in the multiple spit Earth. Poverty nothing limit of economic problem, but also social problem. As level of education and healthy. Poverty also as first matter undergird turn up multiple other social problem at society, as bloomer cause undercommunication access of education, unemployment, upgrading quantity native of road and beggar, as well as criminal action.

For example, in the West Borneo, indonesia. Government Regency Nort Kayong even distribution education and healthy free service. Nort Kayong constitute regency destitute and less developed. In the West Borneo mojority profession inhabitant is farmer and traditional fisherman. Although such, learn duty implement according to absolute. Not only nine years, but twelve years. Have a diffirence with concept learn duty nine years, target more to poor family. Government Regency Nort Kayong determine gratis all student country school or private school, and all be level from kindergarten up to upper secondary school. In the Regency Nort Kayong list of gratis school is 13 kindergarten, 102 elementary school and 7 religion school equivalent with elementary school, 32 lower secondary school and 4 religion school equivalent with lower secondary school, 7 upper secondary school and 2 religion school equivalent with upper secondary school, and 3 vocation school.

Government Regency Nort Kayong extend free sevice healthy for society. Although in this regency nothing hospital, however clinic in this area with modification and complete medical equipment, take care room and doctor be on duty 24 hours.

If all regency and town in indonesia applying this policy, indonesia people will be certain luxurious. [Nikodemus Niko]

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